Why Attend?

Here are a few reasons people give to not attend their high school reunion:

  • “I don’t like the way I look now.  I don’t look anything like I did in high school.”
  • “I’m not as successful as I had hoped I would be.”
  • “I haven’t kept up with many people from high school.” 
  • "I already keep in touch with everyone I was friends with.”
  • “I live too far away.”
  • “I didn’t like high school.”
  • “I’ve changed. I’m no longer the person I was in high school.” 

It is an absolute fact that those of us from the Spring Branch High School Class of 1979 are 40 years older than when we crossed the podium at Tully Stadium for graduation.  We are older, greyer, maybe heavier.  Some may have experienced divorce or other difficult situations.  Life for many of us has taken a series of unexpected twists and turns.  And social media may lead us to believe that many are now fabulously successful and/or beautiful and/or (you name it).  But most of us aren’t.  We are just a group of people who share the unshakable common bond of attending Spring Branch HS... that school “from the wrong side of the tracks.”  

And yes, thankfully some have kept up with a few SBHS classmates.  But there are probably a few folks who have dropped off of our radar screen and who we would dearly LOVE to see at the reunion.  There are probably several who will come to the reunion specifically hoping to see YOU!   

So put aside your excuses and insecurities …. and please plan to join us at our 40-year reunion.  Our venue offers plenty of “conversation spaces” where you can catch up with with a few old friends.  We are confident that you’ll be glad you did.

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